About Farangaan

The “advanced one step from what and where we were” sentence derived from the story of Iranian Sufi master, Abusa'id Abolkhayr, as the motto of Bread & Salt Projects is considered as the starting point of Farangaan Project to make a cultural and artistic dialogue between Iran and France and it is believed that even with the smallest single step two will be one step closer to each other.

Tarlan Rafiee and Yashar Samimi Mofakham, founders of Bread & Salt Projects invited by the French embassy in Tehran to expand their international projects by establishing a new series of projects between Iran and France in 2018 which based on their previous projects the main goal will be a dialogue between Iranian and French art scene through their works and by studying the historical relationship between the two countries.

Unfortunately despite the long cultural relationship between Iran and France, the lack of documented history, archives and study resources which many of them never been documented, destroyed through the time or being kept in separated private or public archives, causing difficulties for working and studying on such subjects for every researcher, curator and art historians.


Farangaan : l’histoire des échanges artistiques franco-perses
Founded by Tarlan Rafiee and Yashar Samimi Mofakham, the Farangaan Project, as one of the sub-projects of the Bread & Salt Projects is designed in response to demands of these franco-persans projects for Farangaan’s curatorial projects and in the long run as a database and a source of study for researchers, historians and curators in the future.

Farangaan is designed and formed based on the importance of archives as a source of study and curatorial projects and it is expected to become a library, a collection of Iranian and French artworks, historical archives as well as artistic and cultural projects with the concept of mutual and relationship between these two countries.

Our prospect is to open this project and its sources to institutions, universities, museums, galleries and individuals after accomplishment of first stages and phases..

Farangaan has a non-judgmental and non-political view in its projects since we believe even if political and beneficial view was involved in the mutual history between any two countries, but studying history to understand it requires an open window to a better understanding for the future.

Farangaan Project is in partnership with Ambassade de France en Iran, Centre de langue française de Téhéran and Cite International Des Arts as well as Bread & Salt Project, Tabl Research and Experiment House and Roobix.

Farangaan is in partnership with: